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Depository Participants (DP) offers a safe & convenient way to hold securities in electronic form as compared to the paper form. It offers freedom from delays, forgeries, settlement risk, and paperwork. BDSSL provides an integrated single platform for our clients ensuring a quick, risk-free and efficient process. We are a participant of Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL). BDSSL as a Depository Participant offers depository accounts to individual investors as well as corporate houses, which enables them to trade in the dematerialized environment.

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  • De-materialization of physical shares and mutual fund units into electronic form.

  • Re-materialization to convert the dematerialized shares and mutual fund units into physical form.

  • Internet services for online access to demat account.


  • Risk-free, prompt and efficient service.

  • Competitive transaction charges.

  • Hassle free automated pay-in facility to clients.

  • Faster transfer and registration of securities leading to increased liquidity of securities.

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